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IRS tax help

Taxes: you can’t afford to get this one wrong. When you make a serious mistake on your tax return or fail to file your taxes, you may face an IRS audit, heavy tax penalties, or even a tax lien or levy. If you’re in trouble with the IRS, don’t panic. Contact the tax accountants at Clouse & Hall CPA today to start heading towards a solution. We understand how you feel and will provide the help you need to resolve your IRS tax problems fairly. We can represent you in an audit, assist with filing back taxes, find ways to end wage garnishment, and show you how to get a lien or levy released.

Throughout the tax resolution process, we’ll answer your questions and offer straightforward advice. First, we'll review your past tax returns and IRS notices. Then, we’ll lay out the options for solving your tax problems and work with you to decide the best route to take in your case. Next, we’ll file any delinquent tax returns and then set up an installment agreement, prepare an offer in compromise, or come up with another plan to pay off your back taxes.

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